Eutrophication in te Chesapeake Bay Essay

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Introduction What is your topic/issue within that topic? Eutrophication is a concern in the Chesapeake Bay. Eutrophication is caused by excessive amounts of nutrients. Excessive nutrients in the bay have negative effects on the bay's ecosystem. The extra nutrients make the environment unbalanced. The extra nutrients cause a chain reaction that eventually kills most of the organisms in that area. This is what is known as a dead zone. What is your personal interest in the topic? This topic is interesting to me because it is a very local issue. I eat the seafood out of the Chesapeake, I fish in many of its tributaries, and I visit many sights built around this watershed. I live in Lancaster County which is focused on in many studies because…show more content…
It is understood that there is not just one problem causing the dead zone in the bay. Two main contributors are the focus. Details are presented on the problems brought to the bay by agriculture, and development. The language is easy to understand and the scientific and environmental message is conveyed in a way that can be followed. Summary of source The importance of the Chesapeake Bay is introduced. The bay is home to a large amount of seafood businesses, and many people fish the bay and its tributaries for sport. Grass beds are essential to many of the organisms living in this ecosystem, but are being destroyed by pollution. Agriculture involves more than a fourth of the bay's watershed. This makes agricultural runoff a big focus. Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus causes eutrophication. These nutrients come from pesticides and sewage also. A goal was set in 1985 to cut back the percent of nutrients being put into the bay by these two sources. It is thought that redirecting the flow of soil with nutrients in them will reduce the runoff, but if the nutrients seep into groundwater they still get into the Chesapeake Bay. Farmers have ways to help reduce these nutrient levels, but it is not the cheapest way to farm, so not all farmers are doing their part to save the bay. Another contributor of runoff land development. Runoff can occur from exposed land being prepared to be developed, or because of what has been used to replace what used to naturally be.

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