Eva Duarte Peron (Evita) Essay

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Eva Duarte Peron (Evita)

Thesis: Her experience as a member of the lower class who overcame poverty and her belief in bringing justice to the poor made everything that she did for the people of Argentina possible.

Eva Peron

'Mi vida por Peron!' ('My life for Peron!') [Evita]

cried a thousand times before the roaring crowds, and

then she died. There are parallels that could be

drawn between her life and the lives of other

obsessively ambitious women who have forced their way

through poverty and fame.but instead popular memory

finds parallels between Evita's life and the lives of

the saints, because she did it all for someone else.

(Guillermoprieto 100)

From Colonel Juan Peron's election in 1946
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She also continued her work in the

Secretariat for no salary. Her only earnings were the love and

affection from Peron and the Argentine people (Peron 125).

On June 19, 1948, Evita founded the Maria Eva Duarte de Peron

Foundation, or EPF. This foundation was created to provide national

safety where the government was weak (To Be II). The Foundation's work

was necessary in the lower class areas of the country, rather than in

the cities. Eva believed that the descamisados were the base, the

foundation, of the revolution. They were an essential part of the

country's people (Peron 80).

The Social Help Crusade created housing and neighborhoods that were

affordable for the poor. The crusade also created jobs for the

unemployed and school food programs. It provided inexpensive hospital

supplies and free medication. Workers' unions donated many of these

materials. Evita began The Eva Peron Hospital Train, which provided

free check-ups, vaccinations, x-rays, and general medical care to people

who either did not have access to hospitals or who could not afford a

visit to the doctor (To Be II). Twelve hospitals and two "policlinicos"

(hospitals for the railroad workers) were built with the same objective

as the Hospital Train. These hospitals attracted the best doctor in the

country, and the charge

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