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We are gathered in this late hour to witness a monumental era rise to the top. An era that will break down doors and ignite the era of all ages. The era that is fit for the one and only Red Queen of Sensational Enterprise. Claiming success is a way of putting things to rest but showing that you have all the success that people envy only makes you the best of the best. Eva Marie will make sure that people will be respecting her for the rest of their life, because their souls are in the hands of the woman wearing the crown. The camera turned to an outdoors photoshoot, of Eva Marie’s company, NEM Fashion. NEM Fashion describes Eva Marie as a whole. Class, elegance and prestige. Right after wrapping up the set, Charly Caruso, a hard hitting journalist would approach her.…show more content…
“Hate to break it to you Charly, but I have got no time answering your questions because later tonight, a crowd of misfits and delusional people will fill up the arena for Payback. So get ready Charly cause I sense a Red Storm approaching. Eva took the rest of her hours to get ready and prepare of the match, because she knew that in order to win she has got to be on top of her game, which was quite easy seeing as how she rules over peasants already. When the time came for the match, they called for her, as all of a sudden her music spread out through the arena, Eva looked magnificent as always. She took a deep breath as she fed off the hate, the crowd was giving her. She grabbed the sides of her royal robes while she made her way to the ring. Flawlessly walking in as Eva eyed Jojo who calmly stood. She approached the silent individual, reaching her hand for the microphone, which Jojo hesitantly lent. Her music died down, as she smirked at the crowd. “Did you miss me Sensational Universe?” The crowd booed her as she laughed. “Well, that makes two of
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