Evaatin Evaluating My Personal Time Management

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Right now I have the privilege to be in a program that is growing and stretching me in the area of how I manage my time. I am usually not very successful at managing my time personally, but being as busy as I am in my internship, I have made my time a priority. I usually only have one day off a week and I use it for resting and resting alone. It might seem counter-productive to take a day off to rest, but rest assured that my other days are jammed packed full of productivity. For me taking a whole day off is like rewarding me for a job well done, which means I work the entire day for the other six days in the week. I feel like I can do more, work harder, and be awake longer during those days because I give myself that day to look forward too. I don’t know if I would suggest this to everyone, but for the season that I am in, this is definitely working beautifully.…show more content…
I scored a 19, which puts me in the average range, and gives me the advice that I may want to look for ways to waste a little less time. My hiccup with this is that I am way more people-oriented rather than task-oriented. In my book people are way more important than most things and therefore will trump those things. I also scored myself as almost daily for all the spacing out daydreaming questions. Ever since I was in elementary school I have had my head high up in the clouds, usually completely in my own universe. I feel like this may affect my success if it ever started hindering my performance, but I tend to only do when I have nothing else on my mind. In my opinion, this is definitely one of those areas that I am always trying to grow and mature
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