Evacuating The City-Personal Narrative

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Episode 5 It’s 2 in the morning. Many people evacuated the city because the city turn into a war zone. The military arrived yesterday, but the meas are quickly eliminating them.As I’m training the Wally and Jesse to use their powers, Wells,Cisco, and Jay are finding a way to get my speed back. I have done so many wrong things that I make right, but the longer I’m here, the more I’m forgetting what I’m trying to accomplish, what I’m trying to fix. “ Guys get up here now,” Caitlin tells us from the particle accelerator's audio. When we got up the lab, there was an iron electric chair with beakers of chemicals trap to it along with an electric rod. “ No, no I might not remember much, but the last time I try to recreate the accident it nearly…show more content…
My eyes start to open, my entire body feels numb. When I look down, I was wrapped in bloody bandages. I was laying the emergency room, then scream, “NO!” Wells and Cisco hold me down while Caitlin gave me a shot. “ Barry holds still. You have 2nd degree burns, you’re lucky to be alive,” she says. I took off some of the bandages on my arm, and my skin was a darkish crimson red. “ We have to try again. I feel like if we don’t do it soon,I’m going to forget all that ever happen.I’m forgetting the reason that I’m here,” I tell Iris standing next to me. “You nearly burn yourself to death, you can’t try to do that again,” she advises me. “ If we don’t, humanity is going to become extinct.And it’s because of my selfishness,” I tell…show more content…
“ Thawne? How are you still alive?” I baffle. He laughs and then continues, “ Wow. you really don’t know what your powers could do, do you? The same time when you save your mother, I was running through the timeline. And during that moment, I was separated, and you turned me into a living paradox,” he explains looking at Wally. “Also your friends, they’re all dead and they have you to thank for creating this hell.You can’t escape it. As long as I’m alive, you can’t ever get out of this timeline nor change it.” Then he vibrate his right hand. I beg him to not kill Wally, but his arm stabs Wally in his heart and kills him. Tears began to pour down my face. “ This is all your fault!” I yell.My ire grew and pick me up, making me charge at Thawne. But I couldn’t hold my own and a few seconds later, he threw me against a brick wall breaking it. Landing on my right arm and bruises nearly everywhere. He grabs a metal pole and stabs it right through my
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