Evacuation was a Great Success Essay

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Evacuation was a Great Success There are many factors, which contribute to whether or not evacuation was a success. One major factor is the number of lives that were saved due to evacuation. We now know that if evacuation had not taken place, a lot more people would have been killed in the Blitz (only were actually killed). However, we also know that there were cases of abuse ('I had bruises from my neck right down to my ankles on both sides and on my left hip all my clothes were stuck to my hip where it was bleeding' John Abbot) and children being used for slave labour etc because the host families were not checked, and this is obviously a major failure. Evacuation was intended to save…show more content…
Sources D and H deal with the stereotyping of evacuees. 'A traditional picture of evacuees emerged which suggested that all were infested with lice and disease, had atrocious manners, constantly wet the bed and were likely to commit any number of crimes.'(The Evacuation - The True Story, Martin Parsons and Penny Starns). The government had to try to change this image of evacuees to continue people volunteering to take in evacuees and to stop parents worrying about their children. There was already a shortage of host families (source H), so they needed to convince people that evacuees were not as bad as people said they were. There were also parents who were reluctant to allow their children to be evacuated (source I). Therefore, the government had to produce propaganda that would please both parties. Both sources D and H would probably be convincing to both parties because they both show the evacuees smiling and they both try to correct the rumours about evacuees (i.e. that they were dirty and impolite). Sources B, D and H are useful for showing what the government was showing people to persuade them to evacuate their children, and allow evacuees into their homes, in the early stages of the war. The government wanted to save the lives of British civilians, and they achieved this. From this point of view, evacuation was a
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