Essay on Evaluate Different Techniques for Sampling Evidence

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3.1 Evaluate different techniques for sampling evidence of assessment, including use of technology There are a wide variety of techniques used for sampling the evidence of assessment which are all valuable for different reasons. Below are listed these different techniques a) Direct observation is the best way to evaluate the assessor’s ability to carry out a fair and valid assessment. The observation should ideally take place in the work environment and involve the learner carrying out specific tasks as required for inclusion in the learner’s portfolio of evidence. The IQA can quickly establish the effect of the assessment on the learner and can get a good impression of the rapport that the assessor has with the learner and the…show more content…
This can be problematic within the actual workplace e) Questioning is another method of sampling evidence and will involve the questioning of both the assessor and the candidate. To ensure that the evidence has the necessary validity the questions to the learner should happen in private away from the assessor. The need for the learner to feel that they have the confidence to disclose the true picture of the assessment process is very important. The question sessions can be recorded on the necessary portfolio documentation but can add validity if they are recorded on tape or digitally and used as evidence. f) Underpinning knowledge questions can be sampled effectively as the Awarding Organisation will provide the answers which can be checked and a total can be calculated and compared with what the assessor has marked g) E-portfolios are a useful tool for assessments and can be sampled remotely along with virtual assessment tools such as Skype etc. These can pose problems with validity as the assessor will need to agree the conditions before assessment to ensure that the tasks have been completed by the candidate and that there is no plagiarism which may interfere with the assessment process h) The candidates will generally be allocated an expert witness whilst working on site. This person is usually a
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