Evaluate How the Nutritional Plan Might Improve the Health of the Chosen Individual.

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D2: Evaluate how the nutritional plan might improve the health of the chosen individual. There were a number of the things about the individual’s diet that I noticed firstly she doesn’t like change as she is consistent with each food she eats which is not necessarily a bad but in order for her to have a balanced diet she needs to eat a variety of foods. However the individual hardly ever ate breakfast which isn’t good for her as she will feel tiered throughout the day. In order to avoid that I gave her a breakfast that are high in fiber along with foods that she likes. The tables are both shown below: After Before Being without food during the night, our brain and muscles need energy and fuel to…show more content…
By making food that has a lot of vegetable oil; it won’t be as healthy as making food with olive oil, for that reason. The type of preparation I changed was the type of oil being used by the individual and excluding any type of frying. Instead of frying I added other types of methods like boiling, using the oven and steaming vegetables. The preparation differentiates weather the food will be 500 calories or 1000 calories. In order to improve the individual’s diet I made sure to eliminate vegetable oil because there has been recent evidence conducted that any amount vegetable oil, is unhealthy for our body. As it the polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oil can cause many health problems, including heart disease. However by using olive oil within the recommended limit, is healthier to our body as olive oil is nature’s storehouse of many healthful nutrients like vitamins A, E, D and K. Other nutrients found in olive oil are: * Magnesium-rich chlorophyll encourages formation of healthy red blood cells. * Squalene, a precursor to phytoesterols, helps reduce acidity. * Phytoesterols (in the form of beta-sitosterol) assists in preventing cholesterol absorption. * Caffeic and gallic nutrients stimulate the flow of bile which helps alkalise food coming out of the stomach, reducing stress on the pancreas. * Phenolic compounds protect against

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