Evaluate How to Involve the Learner in the Assessment Process

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Page 1 PTLLS 6302 Roles and Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning, Task 1-4 1.2 Analyse own responsibility for promoting equality and valuing diversity According to Urdany L, (1991). The definition of Equality; Sameness, Similarity, Likeness, resemblance, Equivalence, comparability, and comparison. The definition of Diversity; Difference, Unlikeness, Deviation, Distinctiveness, Variation, Contrast, discrepancy, Range, and Multiplicity. According to the Equality act, (2010) [When providing for learners they should all be treated equally despite] age, sex, sexual orientation,…show more content…
Students will have identical rights and status. I will encourage students to challenge their own attitudes and beliefs so that they can appreciate and respect each other’s views situations and opinions. Learner assessments can be done to identify disability. I should be non-judgemental. I could use hand-outs which are representative of wider society. Page 3 Before I organise trips, rewards, and incentives I will need to consider everybody’s individual needs and plan things that everybody can be included in as this will promote equality too. A good example of this is (Gravells A, 2008). A group of leaners wish to go out for dinner. One is vegetarian, another is dairy intolerant and a third does not eat fish. They all want to eat at the same restaurant and choose from the same menu and be treated equally, enabling them to choose a different option from the menu. The diverse requirements of the group are therefore being taken into account to differentiate for their needs. Other useful organisations that deal with the issues of equality and diversity are, The Disability Rights Commission, DRC. Equal Opportunities Commission, EOC. Commission for Racial Equality, CRE. 1.3 Evaluate own role and responsibility in lifelong learning. Evaluating my own roles and responsibilities will be an on-going factor. I will be eternally assessing my own judgements and capabilities; I will need to reflect and review

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