Evaluate The Effects Of Listening To Pain

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Soothing music can help patients feel less pain when they are in the dentist’s office. Brain scans have shown that when the patient is in pain that listening to music gives the brain more activity. With more activity the brain starts to forget about the pain and focuses on more on the music being played rather than dealing with the pain nerves inside of them. A good song can also make someone have a different perception of pain in the moment they are experiencing the pain. Another study has shown that the music can interfere with pain before it even reaches the signals
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects on humans. “The effects of music therapy on anxiety, postoperative pain and physiological reactions to emotional and physical distress in patients undergoing spinal surgery” (pi-chu, man-ling, li-ching, hsiu-chu, chiong-chu, 2011). The
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They have the highest point of pain and stress going on right then, and if they can get music to prove to release and relieve them of it then it will be a huge outcome and theory point for our research in music pain relief (pi-chu, man-ling, li-ching, hsiu-chu, chiong-chu, 2011). They had two different types of groups in this procedure; the first group was taking regular prescribed pain meds (the control group) and the other was told to listen to music and not to take any pain meds. In the end of the test, the people who were listening to music were relieved of pain and stress already after a couple checkups, while the patients who were taking prescription pain meds could still feel the pain because their brain nerve cells for pain have not fully moved away from the thoughts of surgery or just the straight up surgery pain. Some people may believe that music can be hurtful to your eardrums and
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