Evaluate The Functionalist Theory

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The Symbolic Interactionist Theory is a sociological theory with a micro sociological view. This is an action theory. It examines a way to explain behaviour within society by looking at small scale interactions i.e. between two people or smaller groups and explaining the aspects of wider society from these. Symbolic interactionists believe that we live in a world where symbols have shared meanings and we use these meanings when interacting with people. For example, our language is made up of symbols and we all share an understanding of this, so if we were to read the word “nurse” we would all share and understanding of what this word means without even having to have a description or picture shown to us. So, with most symbols there is always…show more content…
Functionalists believe that there is a shared agreement within society about what is important in life and what behaviour is appropriate and that there are norms in society which means what is acceptable behaviour. For example, it is not acceptable in society to take drugs especially daily and while you have children under your care. With Ronnie, his mother was a drug user and used these while looking after him, this then eventually resulted in her death. As Ronnie was brought up around this he followed a similar path and turned to drugs and crime which is seen a deviant behaviour in society. Functionalists also said that if a family was to work correctly the roles in which they take must be exact and if this did not happen then it could lead to the whole family being dysfunctional which in Ronnie’s case is appropriate to say as his father left the household, his mother then took to drugs and later passed away because of this and following on from that his maternal grandparents could in turn then not cope with looking after Ronnie due to him having disruptive behaviour. Functionalists believe that for this to be corrected they need to be removed or repaired. For this to happen with Ronnie, living in care would help him as it would take him away from the dysfunctional way he is living now and give him help to repair it and keep on…show more content…
Karl Max suggested that society is separated into two groups, the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy class control and own the means of production for example large businesses and factories and the poorer class are the ones who supply labour. The poor class are demoralised by the wealthier class. For example, in care the wealthier class in turn then receive better care than the poorer class as they can afford to pay for private care and can also afford to live a better way of life. The poorer class can not afford private care and may live in poverty and this increases their risk of poor health. Ronnie currently lives in poverty on the streets and also lived in a poor area when he was younger which has now resulted in him needing health care due to his DVT. If Ronnie is cared for in a care setting he will become more nourished as he will be receiving regular food and will also receive the health care he needs to make him
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