Evaluate The Usefulness And Ease Of Use Of Maintaining A Database

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Question 9
Evaluate the usefulness and ease of use of maintaining a database with MySQL, compared with using Query By Example (QBE).

QBE means Query By Example: it's an interface, generally a graphical one, only used to make queries by an "end-user" and it can vary from a database to another.
SQL means Structured Query Language: almost all databases provide an SQL interface. It's a standardised and restricted set of keywords which can be used to query, create and update databases.
Query by Example (QBE) and Structured Query Language (SQL) are industry standard languages for querying data to obtain information from relational database systems.
Query by Example (QBE) was developed with SQL in the 1970s by IBM where using search terms was used to filter data based on data content graphically. This avoided the user having to know or learn SQL or any other query language as QBE itself included the language necessary to perform the searches to achieve results quickly on built-in logical conditions. Microsoft QBE, as used by Microsoft Access, is largely used to obtain results from search queries however the QBE language can be used for the creation or modification of data.
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Performing a sample query in Microsoft Access using QBE and using its tools to establish the query parameters gives a graphical representation of the query and on viewing the SQL within the program the user is presented with an accurately written piece of equivalent SQL code that performs an identical query.
The advantages versus disadvantages of QBE and SQL is mostly dependent on the technical skills of the user and the time available to develop the query in question. It must be remembered that Microsoft Access has the largest database user base in the world for an extremely good reason; it is graphical and easy to
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