Evaluate the Appropriateness of Business Information Used to Make Strategic Decisions

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Level 3 Unit 1-D1
Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation
Every organisation has stakeholders, these are groups or individuals that affect or are affected by the business. The number of stakeholders of a business varies as does their importance and influence. The type of organisation and the product or service it supplies also determines its stakeholders. An organisation such as Coca-Cola has far more stakeholders than a family business; it is therefore much more influenced and affected by the actions, aims and objective of its stakeholders. In this report I will evaluate the influence of some stakeholders; Employees and Suppliers of Coca-Cola.
Employees are very influential stakeholders of
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Employee skills and qualifications are very important aspects because if employees don’t have the right skills to perform a specific task essential for production of Coca-Cola products it will slow down the whole production process and decrease the quality of the product resulting in a company making less profit than they possibly could. Employee wages are working hours have to be fair and according to the qualification and the position of the employee because this also affects their performance, staff that is not satisfied with the wages will simply leave the job causing Coca-Cola to spend money on costs such as; finding new staff and training. “After all, it’s the combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion of our employees that make us who we are” says the Coca-Cola Company just to prove what an influential stakeholder employees are to the business.
Suppliers are connected stakeholders in a business that play a huge role and influence the organisation. Supplier’s main interests are: long term contracts, prompt payment and growth of purchasing. Suppliers influence the pricing, quality and product availability. Suppliers affect the availability of the product based on their inventory and delivery
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