Evaluate the Claim That Migration Creates Global Connections.

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Evaluate the claim that migration creates global connections.

In this assignment, the strengths and weaknesses of the claim that migration creates global connections, will be discussed. This will be done by discovering what counts as migration and how it is valued, how global connections can be both positive and negative, about the concepts of 'diaspora' and 'translocalism' and how important they are when considering both migration and global connections. To enable the discussion of the subject matter, it must first be understood what is meant by the terms 'migration' and 'global connections', migration is used to describe the circulation of people from their country of origin into
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If they choose to leave the country, or send money back to family in their country of origin, this means that the money will leave its original economy and be positioned within another, affecting the original economy negatively and the new one positively. There are many other types of global connection, as stated before, someone can leave their country of origin to travel elsewhere, making new connections with people on the way, this does not mean that all connections from their home are lost, they are maintained alongside the new connections as they are made. Business connections are global connections that can be viewed as both positive and negative, an example of this can be seen in Raghuram and Hardill's study(1998, cited by Raghuram, 2009,p181) on female entrepreneurs, they interviewed a business woman, who owned a small chain of stores specialising in modern clothing based on more traditional Asian styles. The stores are predominantly based in the Western society, with styles influenced by Asian culture, cloth sourced from China and the finished product being made in India and then shipped to the Western stores, this is a great deal of global connections for one garment, although by some standards, it is small. Most of the clothing sold by this particular entrepreneur are aimed at young British Asian women, showing a global disconnection, as young British Asian men
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