Evaluate the External Corporate Communications of an Existing Product or Service

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Evaluate the external corporate communications of an existing product or service
Types of external corporate communications
Write down the meaning of each and give examples
Related to CWOA * Advertising – Advertising is a way to inform in a way of notice or announcement to the public or businesses about promotions, services and products. Other can be information about upcoming events or a massive sale. Advertisement can be informed through TV, leaflets and Radio. CWOA inform their customers about new events taking place via Television advertisement as well as posters on public transport vehicles and on their websites. Their recent service is the Zufari which is a bit like a safari but at the CWOA location. CWOA will inform families and
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Missions statements shows customers how passionate a business is for thriving in success and in favour of the consumer with excellent services that is promised to be provided to each and every customer. However if CWOA don’t reach their goals then this can question CWIA’s abilities in proving the great customer experience they promised. This can affect their brand and its reputation. * Livery –Livery is a way to distinguish colour and, style and theme to their customers from other companies. CWOA do this to many of their souvenir products so that customers are reminded of how much great fun they had from their experience at the attraction. This may ‘re-awake’ their senses and encourage them to go back to experience the same fun they had on their last visit. The livery on their products can be of their colour schemes or logo for example a teddy bear would have a logo on the shirt and a red and yellow colour background of the shirt to represent its home as CWOA. However a livery can be somewhat of a disadvantage to the business. CWOA may change their logo style, theme and or colour scheme as well as the whole logo design due to change in leadership, partnership and or takeover by another firm. This will mean that CWOA may have to change all their designs on their souvenirs as well as their products. High costs can result of this action. If logo and design is changed then customers may not be able to recognise the brand as
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