Evaluate the Importance of Foreign Intervention in the Spanish Civil War

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Evaluate the importance of Foreign Intervention in the Spanish Civil War Alex Reilly The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was very heavily influenced by foreign intervention. Communists, fascists and anti-fascists outside of Spain viewed the conflict between the Republicans and Nationalists in Spain as a decisive point in influencing politics in Europe. As a result of this, the fascist states of Germany and Italy sided with Franco’s nationalists, providing troops, tanks, aircraft and weapons. On the Republican side, help was received from the USSR in the form of manpower, weapons and aircraft. In addition to this, support for the Republicans also came from the International Brigades. Due to the heavy amount of outside help, the role…show more content…
With the Republican Faction only receiving support from the Soviet Union and the Nationalists from Germany and Italy, an unbalance was created. The Nationalists soon outnumbered the Republicans in manpower and in arms. This highlights the importance of foreign intervention in the Spanish Civil War. This is due to the fact towards the end of the war Franco could use his manpower and arms to his advantage to fight a war of attrition in which he would considerably have the upper hand. Unlike the Soviet Union, Germany and Italy, Great Britain and France abided by the Non-Intervention Agreement. This had detrimental effects for the Republican Faction. This meant the Spanish Republican Government had lost one of its most reliable sources of munitions, Great Britain. Consequently, the Republicans were left to rely on the limited sources of Mexico, the shadowy world of arms dealers and the Soviet Union. ( The fact France abided the agreement, meant the Republican Faction did not have something the Nationalists had, an ally that bordered Spain. With Portugal as an ally, Hitler could send arms safely into Spain via Portugal. With no government ally between Spain and the Soviet Union, weapons were often lost when sent from the USSR. This is another example of where foreign intervention played an important role in the Spanish Civil War. In evaluation, it is clear that foreign
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