Evaluate the Market Research Method Used by a Selected Organization

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D1 - evaluate the market research method used by a selected organisation Introduction I am going to evaluate the market research methods I’ve used in P3 to carry out my marketing research into the restaurant industry; I will talk about the strength and weaknesses of the methods. In addition I will also give recommendations for improving the methods and justifications for improving them. Criteria Strengths Weaknesses Recommendation from improving the method Justification for improving the method Questionnaires The strength of questionnaires is it can give an insight into respondent’s thoughts and opinions and also cost efficient as it is inexpensive. The weakness of questionnaire would be that respondents may be influenced the…show more content…
Using the index you can alphabetically pinpoint the information you’re looking for and turn to that page to read about and implement the information into to your research. My justification for improving this method is that it would easier and not time consuming to pinpoint and find the information that specific and relevant to your research. No one wants to sift through lots of information to find the date they’re looking for as this would not be time efficient method so using the index and contents page to find the information you’re looking for would save time and make the researcher time efficient Stages of research The strength of the stages of the research is that it’s concise and easily laid out timeline which shows when each aspect of the research would be completed. For example stage one of the research which research brief would be completed by 5th march 2013 followed by stage two which should be completed a week later on 12th of march 2013. Stage two :Define the issue The strength of the stage two: define the issue is that you’re able determine problem presented by your client and plan the ways you to solve those problems and carry out your research. Stage three: set objectives The strength of setting objectives is that it gives you an idea of you want to achieve by the end your research and also serves as guideline of what you need to cover throughout your research Stage four: write a research
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