Evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses of Reason as a Way of Knowing

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Reason is a priori. All humans are born with it. It is a way of knowing as it is used in every area of knowledge and in collaboration with the other ways of knowing. Unlike the implication of the prescribed essay topic, reason is not a distinctive way of knowing. To say that is an oversimplification of the complexity of knowing. Knowledge can only be obtained through the inextricably linked ways of knowing.
Reason comes to us naturally. For example, we purposely choose to recall past experiences to apply it to new and similar experiences. Most people value reason over the other ways of knowing. For example, North
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A physician fresh out of medical school may examine a patient several times because one set of symptoms could point to several different causes. Conversely, an experienced doctor may settle on one diagnosis immediately. In an emergency, this experienced doctor is valued for his “unreasonableness.” If the less experienced doctor was used, the patient coughing up blood profusely would probably die before a diagnosis was reached. Another example of reason not being an asset in science would be when science is turned into a faith, like eugenics, the “scientific” improvement of the human race. Until the arrival of the Nazis, eugenics was an accepted part of science. This twist on reason must be somehow regulated.
This twist on reason must be somehow regulated, leading into the following comparison between reason and emotion as ways of knowing. As stated previously, most cultures view reason and emotion as opposites. The speed of emotional response is seen as inferior to the slower reasoned response. An instance of this might be deciding whether to walk out of a meeting because your ideas are put down, or to stay and attempt to justify your idea. Of course, the latter would be the better choice. However, in some cases, an emotional response may be the wiser choice. The classic yet strong and applicable example would be leaping back in the face of a dangerous situation such as a stalker suddenly approaching you. However this may also cause us to jump
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