Evaluate the Use of the Internet in the Teaching and Learning Process (Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi)

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Evaluate the use of the Internet in the teaching and learning process (Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi)

A variety of technologies are currently being used to deliver education on the Internet. These technologies include the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) for online lecture notes, newsgroups for collaborative discussions and class announcements, e-mail correspondence between students and instructors, interactive video over the Internet for remote participation in classes and discussions, and virtual reality for exploring three dimensional scenes. Multimedia is increasingly being used in online education to enhance the learning process. A critical question that needs to be asked is ``how effective are Internet-based
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Students engage in live teleconferencing; closed and open discussion forums; and electronic mail (E-Mail) through which students send their assignments to their tutors for marking, and receive them back with any relevant comments. An on-line library on the Internet is also available.

City University's EDROADS (Education Resource and Online Academic Degree System offers more than 80 programmes at the undergraduate and graduate level that cover a variety of academic fields such as business management and technology to humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, counseling and teacher preparation. A Master of Business Administration and Master of Education degree programmes are also offered. Students enrolled in courses at EDROADS can engage in "live" dialogue with other students, instructors, and special guests using Live Forums. Students can enter forums as observers or as active participants. Live forums are held at three levels. Programme forums are open to all students pursuing a particular degree and consist of scheduled, moderated discussions that may include guest speakers. The number of students that can actively participate is limited and they need to sign up in advance. The number of students who may observe is not limited. Students who miss a scheduled forum can download

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