Evaluate the Ways in Which Emotion Might Enhance and/or Undermine Reason as a Way of Knowing

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“Evaluate the ways in which emotion might enhance and/or undermine reason as a Way of Knowing.” Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) once said that "The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing", meaning that emotion is irrational and unreasonable. Emotional expression provides powerful communication between people, especially in the early childhood stage of our lives, before language even develops. A baby’s glowing smile invites love and care in its surrounding; the pounding cry of an infant can send one running instantly to attend to its needs. After this, voice, posture and facial expressions and gestures occur, developing our ability to control our emotions, which does not always happen. Emotion affects our thought-process, and in the…show more content…
Asians were classified as an unhealthy yellow color, greedy, easily distracted, and Africans as black, crafty and negligent, just some of the characteristics he used to classify these different “groups”. However, Europeans were classified as white, gentle, innovative beings, which is odd because Carl came from Sweden in Northern Europe, coincidence? Not likely, it’s obvious Carl was biased when classifying the different “racial groups”, as with Africans, Asians and Native Americans, all the traits listed were negative, while those placed upon Europeans were not only positive, but slightly filled with praise as well. It’s clear that Carl’s perception, part of emotion, favored where he fit in, thus clouding his judgment and giving a very biased classification result. Sometimes our beliefs and emotions affect each other in such a way that reasoning takes over from emotion. A change in our belief can correspond to a change in emotion, where reasoning can take over again, for example, if you see a mysterious shadow in your room, you feel immediate fear, but when you turn on the light and realize it was your fan blowing your curtains around, that feeling of fear leaves you’re your belief has changed, and logic has taken over your though process. However, our beliefs can be so intense that they may enhance our emotions as well, even if we know that there is nothing to feel so intense about, our reaction can still be irrational, for example, I have a fear of spiders, and

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