The Role Of Gender Participation In Sport Essay

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Evaluate the competing ways in which sociologists have examined how gender exerts a significant influence over a person’s involvement with sport. Within sport, gender has played a huge role the way it affects one’s involvement in participation. As I will explore sociologically in this essay, there are a great number of reasons why this has occurred and still does occur, and the way in which pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes along with many other things affect sport involvement. One of the key points to evaluate here is the argument that males biologically have an advantage in the majority of sports. In the vast number of cases this is true, however this should not be a reason why females are either discriminated against or feel…show more content…
One way in which female sport is ‘negated’ is the way in which females are sometimes referred to by the media as “girls” no matter their age and are also constantly described in terms of their physical appearance and the way in which their emotions and their emotional responses are highlighted more than in male sports. One other way in which the media influence gender participation in sport is by the use of images of athletes which could be seen as a form of propaganda. As the ‘Learn’ handout states, “Dominant masculine images are highly compatible with sport”7. The majority of images in the sports sections of papers are of males, partly because the papers occasionally turn a blind eye to female achievement or simply put it in a small box in the corner of a page but also because they believe seeing more images of male athletes in papers is what the public want. Subsequently, females across the nation have fewer role models to look up to from the female world meaning they will be less motivated to actively participate in a sport because they have very few or even no idols to look up to. Whilst female participation in sport may be at an all time high worldwide, it is still clear to see that there is not a level playing field between the two genders. In some countries, primarily the less developed ones, their culture and heritage dictates the roles women have to have in society and there is little room for sport to be played by them here. However
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