Evaluate the impact of innovation on your selected organization. Discus the impact on strategy, process, product, and or service within each type of organization

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Organizational ImpactOrganizations use innovation and creativity to transform, reinvent, transition and modify the services and products they offer in order to accommodate the market needs and demands. Change is difficult for organizations that do not have innovative programs or think innovation to be an important advantage and ingredient for growth and profitability. Innovation is necessary to make the transitions and modifications to the business strategy which result in competitive advantage, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the customers and ultimately existence. This paper will examine the impact of innovation on Apple, Microsoft, Nike Inc. and describe how each company's strategy, processes, products, and or services have …show more content…
Microsoft Surface introduces revolutionary processes and applications to all public and private services. The computing surface platform responds to natural hand movements and capable of identifying real objects. The surface is able to identify finger orientation with multi touch and multi user applications. Surface is also able to use barcode tags to offer a variety of features, for example, provide the customer with a selection of wines customized to the meal being purchased, based on the wine or other objects set on the Surface. Harrah's casino has introduced the Surface to the iBar ultra lounge providing a customized application to meet the entertainment venue needs, providing guests with a unique personalized and engaging social experience (Harrah's 2009).

The Surface is revolutionary and a huge impact to Microsoft because of the future possibilities and innovations that will follow it. Already a second generation of the Surface is under development and testing, Microsoft believes that as the Surface continues to evolve the Surface will be used at every level and industry ranging from defense, education, and creative industries such as film and fashion. Microsoft envisions the future with a Surface in every desktop, refrigerator, television and in the rooms of every organization. The Surface represents the next generation of computer software and hardware technology with a profitable business opportunity. The Surface will allow
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