Evaluating A Strategic Quality Management Approach Essay

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Introduction Andrei Octavian PARASCHIVESCU and Florin Mihai CAPRIOARA depict the way companies may enhance the performance quality known as a performance action plan, in providing to employees the opportunity to reach a quality performance while holding them liable for past performance. In addition, both authors argue that it is vital to open a true dialog and feedback from the voice of the customers to the stakeholders. Thus, managers must expand a Strategic Quality Management approach to build an affiliation between the corporate strategy and the quality management policy. In this article summary, we will focus on the method; organizations can widen an inspiring Strategic Quality Management approach, through the core concepts of SQM. Moreover also, we will demonstrate new methods of using SQM to improve, and sustain businesses expansion. Strategic Quality Management For Andrei Octavian PARASCHIVESCU and Florin Mihai CAPRIOARA, organizations that desire to implement a strategic quality management approach should consider both the strategic dimension of quality and the management strategy (2014, p 19). In fact, both writers stipulate ”Quality Management” aims to advance quality to meet patron’s requirements by controlling processes (Paraschivescu & Caprioara, 2014, p 21). Likewise, their ideas confirm that the production approach demands a strict input from workers. In doing so, quality improvement teams can measure and spot
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