Evaluating An Informative Speech

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In an informative speech, the quintessential aspect that can make or break your speech is the audience. If the audience is a group of 12 year olds, then giving a speech on how to retire at 65 is not going to draw a positive response. Knowing certain demographics about the audience, including age, gender, race and many others should determine the topic of your speech. Accordingly, the relevancy of my speech played a pivotal role in its effectiveness because of how relatable an issue it was to my audience. Also, sharing the same demographic with the audience gave the speech a more familiar tone, than the normal speech given by someone who is older. In my informative speech, I effectively discussed the correct process of how to buy textbooks with minor errors because of an effective introduction, clear and concise content and relevant topic. An audience can immediately tell on how well a speech will be as soon as the introduction is completed. Evidently, my speech gave a strong introduction in which I outlined the layout of my speech, hinting at upcoming points and leading to a strong…show more content…
In my conclusion, the ideas were reemphasized, and highlighted the steps of how to buy textbooks effectively through clearly restating them. This allows the audience to hear the main points three times throughout my speech. Even though I did not incorporate a visual aid, it was made up for adding slight humor add-libs to the speech which kept the audience’s attention. Something that could have been added to the speech, would be to add a concluding statement that wraps up the speech before my concluding statement. The conclusion of the speech made the relevancy of providing tips to buy college textbooks to college students enhanced. With an already relevant speech, with additional strong introductions and clear main points created an extremely effective and useful
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