Evaluating Articles About Screening Tests

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Evaluating Articles about Screening Tests
For use with Observational Studies

Overall Relevance:
1. What is the outcome of interest in this study? Describe how it would be important to patients.

The outcome of interest in this study was to identify a population at a higher risk for malignant melanoma, and develop a clinical screening tool that could earlier detect malignant melanoma in this high-risk population. Another outcome of interest was to determine the effectiveness of total skin examination in detecting malignant melanoma in these high-risk groups, with the hope of detecting the melanoma earlier so that patients can be treated more effectively. This would be important to patients because the earlier detection of malignant melanoma from screening high-risk populations would allow for earlier treatment, thus hopefully decreasing the mortality rates in patients with malignant melanoma.

2. What is the disease being screened for and is it common in your practice?

The disease being screened for is malignant melanoma. The incidence of malignant melanoma is rising and it is an invasive and lethal cancer if it is not detected early. Although it is not that common in practice it is essential to identify the disease presence early in order to treat and decrease mortality rates.

3. What is the screening test? Discuss its feasibility in primary care.

The screening test is a total body skin examination. The total body skin examination is feasible…
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