Evaluating Back Pain

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Evaluation of Back Pain
Back pain is common among adolescents and adults, most affected areas are the upper or lower back, because pain is subjective that makes its management very challenging. However, using risk assessment tools, obtaining a thorough history and physical assessment might be helpful. Acute pain causes immediate harm to the body and the individual is prompt to react to relieve the pain. Acute pain is transient, last from seconds to three months sometimes (Huether & McCance, 2012). While chronic pain is persistent last beyond the expected normal healing period of the tissue damage or injury, lasting from three months to six months (Huether & McCance, 2012).
Although pain is subjective, pain assessment must be cohesive into
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Mayhew (2008) documented that patients focus on pain when they are not effectively treated while, drug seekers concentrate on their favorite drugs. Another warning signs is claiming allergy to all pain medications but their favorite drug, and there are often inconsistencies in the history and physical assessment. Depending on their current temperament they may be friendly and charming, flattering, appealing to emotion or aggressive or threaten to cause trouble if their needs are not met. If they are opportune, they may steal the prescription pad, DEA numbers, and samples (Mayhew, 2008). Although this article is more than five years, I still witness the above on a regular…show more content…
The advance nurse practitioner is held responsible and accountable for the decision-making, respect and trust our patients. Goldsmith (2011). Documented that “Nurses have a responsibility to strive for excellence and aim to deliver the highest possible standard of practice wherever they work” (pg. 13). The standard of practice includes promoting the patient’s autonomy, trust, beneficence, and non-maleficence, therefore, if drug abuse is noted, patient should be educated on the implications, and drug program or resources provided for the
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