Evaluating Citywide Performance Reporting System

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Introduction The Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR) online system, which is part of the NYCStat framework. The CPR system has many capabilities and lucrative features that many people often associate with private businesses. This perhaps is at least in part informed by the work of business magnate and current New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and/or his colleagues. The case study questions covering CPR will cover the major components of the system, the agencies that were involved with the same, the role of themes in the CPR dashboard, the major capabilities of the dashboard and what businesses can learn from the CPR dashboard (Turban, Sharda, Delen, Aronson, Liang & King, 2012). Analysis & Evaluation It is perhaps a bit of a quick jump to presume that the CPR online dashboard and the wider performance of NYCStat can usurp the usual role of business in terms of showing best how to efficiently and properly run a business type situations and framework. However, the CPR setup is indeed illustrative of the fact that private industry does not set all of the impressive and awe-inspiring standards and practices as it relates to proper collaboration and information sharing and development. Collecting and harnessing massive amounts of data is an art form and the NYCState/CPR framework certainly engages in that art at a very high level (Turban, Sharda, Delen, Aronson, Liang & King, 2012). Recommendation Businesses should take notice of what agencies and systems like the CPR

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