Evaluating Course Quality And Faculty Teaching

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Evaluating Course Quality and Faculty Teaching
Evaluating courses are important for ensuring that the student’s educational needs are being met. Furthermore, it ensures the education being provided aligns with the institution’s mission, goals and policy. Students, peer faculty members, and administrators all play significant roles in the evaluation process. The course I chose to evaluate is an online, undergraduate, and didactic course. Three different evaluation tools are discussed that assesses faculty teaching, student satisfaction, and course quality.
Evaluation Methods
Knowledge of the subject matter, clinical competence, teaching skill, interpersonal relationships with students and personal characteristics are the five qualities nurse educators are evaluated on. (Oermann and Gaberson, 2014). As mentioned above, several different people play a role in the evaluation process of a course. The same concept applies with evaluation of the instructor. Students offer significant input in instructor evaluations because of their consistent presence and interaction with the instructor. Student ratings have validity because they offer valuable feedback. (Felder and Brent, 2004). Midterm student feedback (MSF) is appropriate for evaluating instructor teaching. It is significant because it help identifies areas needed for improvement with the course, while the course is still in session. Many instructors found that when students provide feedback and changes are made during the…
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