Evaluating Course Quality And Faculty Teaching

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Evaluating Course Quality and Faculty Teaching
Evaluating courses are important for ensuring that the student’s educational needs are being met. Furthermore, it ensures the education being provided aligns with the institution’s mission, goals and policy. Students, peer faculty members, and administrators all play significant roles in the evaluation process. The course I chose to evaluate is an online, undergraduate, and didactic course. Three different evaluation tools are discussed that assesses faculty teaching, student satisfaction, and course quality.
Evaluation Methods
Knowledge of the subject matter, clinical competence, teaching skill, interpersonal relationships with students and personal characteristics are the five qualities
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(“Midterm Student Feedback,” n.d.). Survey methods are the most popular methods for evaluating MSF.
The IDEA model is another evaluation resource. It also utilizes a student rating system for allowing students to evaluate instructor teaching and student satisfaction with the course. Research states that students tend to have higher exam scores, can apply the material better and are more apt to pursue the subject subsequently, when they learn from instructors with high ratings. (Benton and Cashin, 2012). Furthermore, improving student satisfaction. The IDEA survey evaluates six different factors commonly found on student rating evaluation forms. Overall, students find that course organization and planning, clarity and communication skills, teacher/student interaction and rapport, course difficulty and workload, grading and examinations, and student self-rated learning are all essential components to improving satisfaction with the instructor and course. (Benton and Cashin, 2012). Traditionally, in the live classroom setting, administrators or peer evaluators could pay a scheduled or unscheduled visit to the classroom and began the evaluation process. The advantage was observing the instructor in real time and the interaction with students. Well, with the recent shift of live classrooms becoming more distance accessible online courses, this process is similar but executed differently. Other elements are considered when
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