Evaluating Different Issues Concerning a Beach Bag Essay

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Evaluating Different Issues Concerning a Beach Bag

The purpose of this case study is to evaluate different issues concerning a beach bag. Mary Ricci, an entrepreneur, has hired a consulting company to study this new product concept she is willing to introduce to the market. I have chosen to look at the strengths and than the weaknesses. At the end of this case study analysis, I will give some recommendations to help the company do better.

The Strengths

The first and the most important thing to point out is that Ricci is “creative, optimistic, enthusiastic, flexible, and motivated.” I think that it is extremely important to have someone who is devoted and creative. Therefore, Ricci seems to
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I disagree with Ricci statement “oversized wheels would be cumbersome to maneuver on the sand”. I think that if the wheels are thick enough, the cart will not be able to move at all.

In my opinion the potential market has not been selected properly for the following reasons. First, the age group is 18 to 44. I think that this should be much lager because a 16 year old could be carrying a beach bag as well as a 60 year. Another problem with the potential market is the gender. I think man could also be potential buyer of this product. My forecast is that the percentage of man will be much smaller, but there is a market for man. In addition, I believe that the geographical division is not a good one. People that live in the Midwest do not have beaches close by. They could eventually purchase this product if they are traveling.

The most dangerous weakness of this case study is that, Ricci thinks that the potential market can be calculated by adding the sunscreen buyers to the suntan buyers. Using common sense, some people use sunscreen on a daily to protect their skin and also people use suntan to tan in the front of a pool or in a veranda.

In the distribution section, I think that something very important has been forgotten. The transportation cost to transfer the bags from the manufacturer to
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