Evaluating Effectiveness And Efficiency Paper

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Evaluating Effectiveness and Efficiency Paper Madison Yohe Roberts Wesleyan College Evaluating Effectiveness and Efficiency Paper Implementation Process The new intervention that I would like to implement at Huther Doyle is meditation. Using meditation and mindfulness will help patients be able to center themselves and provide a time for centering in their hectic lives. Normal group sessions are two hours long. When implementing meditation the same length of group time will be necessary for billing purposes. The two hour session will be distributed with the first 30 minutes consisting of meditation and the last hour and a half consisting of discussion. The meditation will be lead by the primary group counselor or myself. The…show more content…
Meditation has not been introduced as an intervention technique yet. I have not yet suggested the new intervention technique to my task supervisor or supervisor yet. After I make the suggestion I will need to first make sure meditation is a billable intervention technique for chemical and substance abuse. Ideally, I would like to begin implementing this intervention technique in January 2016 when I return from my Christmas break. Evaluating Intervention Effectiveness Outcome and Process Evaluation Since I have not yet implemented this intervention technique I have not yet evaluated the effectiveness of meditation as an intervention. When evaluating the technique I will need to evaluate the outcome evaluation as well as the process evaluation. In regard to outcome evaluation I would like to see if meditation decreases substance abuse in the patients, which is a group of women. I am going to measure the amount substance abuse by each individual by conducting urine screens twice a month and breathalyzers once a week. I will also record observations in every group session and save them into the computer system. Open-ended questions during the group sessions will also be asked about how the individual is doing, especially in regards to her drug use. These open-ended questions will be asked every session and again recorded into the computer system. These multiple methods of assessments will be conducted over eight weeks. All of
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