Evaluating Effectiveness And Efficiency Paper

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Evaluating Effectiveness and Efficiency Paper
Implementation Process The new intervention that I would like to implement at Huther Doyle is meditation. Using meditation and mindfulness will help patients be able to center themselves and provide a time for centering in their hectic lives. Normal group sessions are two hours long. When implementing meditation the same length of group time will be necessary for billing purposes. The two hour session will be distributed with the first 30 minutes consisting of meditation and the last hour and a half consisting of discussion. The meditation will be led by the primary group counselor or myself. The goal of meditation is to reduce chemical and substance use and abuse by the patients of Huther Doyle. I would like this intervention to be introduced into the Phase II group one session a week until they are comfortable with the meditation. The Phase II group is healthier than the Phase I group and may be more open to trying meditation. Eventually each group session would be conducted using meditation. I would also like to try the intervention in the Phase I group. Though Phase I is not as healthy as Phase II, I believe that they may be able to benefit from the meditation. Their lives are very chaotic and most of the women use the group to express their daily struggles and frustrations. Meditation would give them a chance to redirect their energy and focus it on a more positive topic. Meditation has not been introduced as…
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