Evaluating Employee Performance

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Evaluating Employee Performance Introduction This study is based on my interview with a HR manager at the community level. My interviewee has worked as a HR manager for the past ten years. This has enabled him gain the necessary experience pertaining to the element of human resource. The manager asserts that human resource management is a crucial component of the management process. According to him, understanding the importance of people within a company demands that we recognize the human element of the organization (Landy & Conte, 2010). Throughout his practice, he noticed that a poorly managed organization views an average employee as the source of poor quality and lack of productivity. Such organizations focus on capital investment instead of employees as the integral source of business improvement. A business entity can only gain efficiency to the level of its goal achievement. For an organization to become successful, it must emphasize on employee satisfaction and strong employee motivation (Herzberg, 2013). A summary of the interview focusing on the two major problems The interview generated the answer that the workplace tends to be stressful, especially in times of poor economic performance. The threat of running out of business, layoffs, and job cuts puts employees on the edge. Sometimes, stress makes it challenging a company to motivate its workers. Employees tend to take negative attitudes because they fear losing their jobs. Some of them forget the basic
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