Evaluating Ethical Solutions Associated With Real Life Situations

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This paper is a reflection on the experience of a group assignment which challenged the group to consider ethical solutions associated with real life situations. Although, individuals have different goods in which they protect and promote sometimes this limits agreement concerning what is right. (Arnett, Harden, and Bell 2008, p. 25) In addition, this paper will also demonstrate how group members can learn from each other, and consider the challenges, if any, a member might experience.
Overall, I absorbed an abundant of information from this project, which may be applied to my daily life. As a participant of a group, I thought it was motivating to listen to another person’s perspective when it comes to constructing ethical communication decisions. In fact, I believe, this project should be utilized in the employment industry. In the event of my group partner making a suggestion for the second scenario, he expressed, that he learned the technique while being in the military. Although, I’m aware that people have different beliefs and values, I acknowledged that collaborating ideas is beneficial, and operates as a learning tool, only if you are willing to listen and learn. Nevertheless, making a decision about the scenarios were not difficult, we were able to identify similar ethical ideas, yet, I was concern about mentioning Charlie’s action to purchase an alcoholic beverage during lunch, and my partner suggested that it should be mentioned. Granting that I did not mention

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