Evaluating Football Players

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Evaluating Football Players Essay


D. Cummings It may seem overly simplified and obvious to state that player evaluation is critical in generating success and wins on the football field. A coach may have the greatest “system” and an amazing game plan laid out but, without the right players in the right positions the only thing a coach will collect are losses. This is true of coaching recreational and youth football through the professional ranks. Player evaluation is not only about addressing the physical skills needed for specific positions but, it is also about plugging in the right players who posses the temperament and character to lead the team in all critical situations on the field. Coach Trimble has a very
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The first thing a coach at the youth level evaluates is the physical ability of the players. Timed sprints, agility drills, and ball handling (catching and throwing) drills give a coach a baseline of data to work from after the first practice. Coach Trimble has a staff that can handle the collection of most of this type of data. A coach at the lower levels may not have any assistant coaches and needs to be prepared to be the sole collector of raw data and anecdotal notes on each player. If at all possible, youth coaches should try to illicit help from parents in collecting data.

Tracking and collecting player information and data can be done using a good old fashion clip board and paper however, there are a number of outstanding apps for both iPhone and Android systems that enable a coach to track and maintain up to date player statistics. Nextplay is excellent app that has a good reputation for helping coaches stay on top of player development but, it requires a monthly subscription if you want to use it beyond the initial try out period. iGrade is another quality app for coaches to use in the evaluation of players and provides other helpful coach friendly functions.

It should be obvious after the first practice which players have have a general aptitude for the skilled positions. Continued collection of data from drills and sprints should be used to confirm

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