Evaluating German Memory

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Evaluating the published interviews with people from Muenster, who remembered their life 1945— 1948 (Dierig, 2012; Jakobi&Link, 1997), it becomes clear that there are significant and hidden difference concerning the approach and strategy to remember and to share or communicate memories and experiences. Therefore, the parti­cu­lar categories show particular attitudes of remembering: Remembering War and postwar times Although the term „war“ is very often used in German memories (71), particular – according to the generation of respondents - the time after the War is more often mentioned in this context. One particular issue of remembrance concernes the food ration cards. Evaluating the different memories, particular differences can be observed,…show more content…
How intensively people considered the process of remembrance, is exemplified by the core-term „time, which mostly is compared: this time – another time, time to desire, to spend, to take, time as filled time, my time-their time, the spirit of the time. Concerning both issues, de-nacification and currency exchange, men and women remember in different styles with their particular focus. Concerning the questionnare for de-nacification, Mr. K.P born 1926 rememebered 132 questions on the questionnaire, which had to be delivered in double version, he was very angry about it, but sat down and had answered any question, without geting any answer; his father, however, whe helped with answering, did receive a confirmation, because his father was in an responsible age during Nazi times, he, however, have been to young for responsibility. Mrs. B. A., born 1924, mentioned her considerations and sceptics concerning the quesstionnaire, because she rememberd that some people were rehabilitated very fast by a „Persilschein“, but neither she nor her father have given any such confirmation, because her father was a very sincer man; in many cases, she had warned him not to fill such
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