Evaluating Greenby Education Department

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aRunning head: EVALUATION RESEARCH PAPER Case 10: Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department Research University of Phoenix Evaluation the Consultation and Education Department The Greenby Community Mental Health Center process evaluation measure suggests the Consultation and Education Department needs to implement the address of the real questionable issue within the organization, and to evaluate the programs being offered through the organization. The questionable issue at the center involves the discontinuance of the Consultation and Education departments. We understand the organization is facing an issue in regard to required service programs. We also understand the community mental health center has…show more content…
Using feedback as a strategy will create growth within the organization both professional and personal. The scope and purpose of the process evaluation presented in terms of the process measure and the outcome evaluation measure is influenced by the design for their program to reflect a more efficient and effective organization. A matrix organization blends both the functional and divisional organization together. The matrix organization decentralizes the decision making process, communication is extensive and ongoing, the utilization of resources are efficient. Employees learn collaborative skills as they work and communicate throughout the entire organization, this leads to knowledge of various functions within the organization and leads to dual career ladders and opportunities. Disadvantages to avoid are allowing confusion when reporting to superiors, because manager’s share subordinates they may end up jockeying for power and trying to override the other. The issues and challenges that may arise within the Greenby Community Mental Health Center may be one of planning, which consists of identifying objectives that will support the long-term goals and then devising programs and projects for achieving those objectives. Greenby’s strategic objectives are achieving financial performance; delighting consumers; become a desired mental health facility; and continue to operate as a high performance team and have fun together.
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