Evaluating Learning Programs

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Evaluating Learning Programmes

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

1 understand the principles of evaluating learning programmes 2 understand and use appropriate evaluation methods
3 understand how to collect and analyse data for the purpose of evaluating learning programmes 4 understand how evaluation results can be used to improve learning programmes 5 understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of own practice.

1. Understand the principles of evaluating learning programmes.

1.1 Identify and analyse the principles of evaluating learning 1.2 Discuss how the principles can be applied to learning programmes.

Evaluation of teaching and learning is a very current discussion point and is increasingly being more
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The idea of a framework for professional standards for teaching and supporting learning in higher and further education was proposed in the White Paper The Future of Higher and further Education (2003). In response to this the UUK, SCOP and the UK HE funding bodies invited the Higher and further Education Academy to consult with the sector to develop such a framework.

Following extensive consultation with the sector a National professional Standards Framework has been developed for institutions to apply to their professional development programmes and activities and thus demonstrate that professional standards for teaching and supporting learning are being met.

At the heart of this framework is acknowledgement of the distinctive nature of teaching in higher and further education, respect for the autonomy of higher and further education institutions, and recognition of the sector’s understanding of quality enhancement for improving student learning.

The standards framework aims to act as:

• an enabling mechanism to support the professional development of staff engaged in supporting learning

• a means by which professional approaches to supporting student learning can be fostered through creativity, innovation and continuous development

• a means of demonstrating to students and other stakeholders the professionalism that staff bring to the support of the student learning experience

• a means to
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