Evaluating Nestle Company On The Bases Of Case Study

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Main purpose of this research work is to evaluate nestle Company on the bases of case study. I will try my level best to analyze the strategic management processes of Nestle Company. In this report an analysis of strategy formulation will be made. This report will also elaborate the external threats and opportunities for the company. For this research work different methods of collecting data have been used which include: PEST analysis, Porter’s model of five forces, SWOT analysis and value chain analysis. At the end of this report recommendations and future strategy will be discussed in detail. Introduction: The most significant aspect of the business company is its performance as compared to its major competitors in the market. It is…show more content…
The foundation stone of Nestle was laid by Henri Nestle who was a German Pharmacist who launched his first product of combination of cow’s milk, wheat flour and sugar under the name “Farinelactee”. Since the introduction of this product the notion of the company is the nutrition. In 1905 “The Anglo-Swiss condensed milk Company” merged with Nestle. During the period of First World War, the company made progress by leaps and bounds. In up to Second World War it enhanced its products by introducing infants’ formula products. In the financial year 2011 a survey by fortune global claimed Nestle as world’s most profitable cooperation. The culture of the company is based upon corporate business principles of the company which has taken over 140 years to develop. The vision of Nestle is to fulfill the needs of its consumers on daily basis by introducing the food products of high quality. They have the clear objective to accomplish the work in finest manner. The mission of the company is to strive hard for producing the products that are safe, high quality and standard that would also provide enough nutrition to the consumers (Nestle.com, 2012) Environmental Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths: In the first step I would like to begin with the SWOT analysis of Nestle that will help in determining the strength of Nestle. Following are the point of this analysis: • The business of nestle hold a wide range of brewery and food products. It has

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