Evaluating Nike's Just Do It Campaign

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Advertisements are all around us, whether we are conscious of it or not, they have blurred the line between reality and fantasy. The commercial industry pries on our brains, using the unconscious to develop impeccable marketing ideas. In general, ads have both negative and positive impact on humans. With the correct graphics, language, sounds, and target audience, almost anything can be made persuasive enough for our minds to crave it.
While advertisements can be informative and entertaining, they creep into our unconscious and stimulate parts of our cortex compelling us towards the products at hand. For example, creating a brand or slogan, for it to become unique and widely accepted, it must make and invoke a connection with its audience. Let’s evaluate Nike`s ‘Just Do It’, known to almost every human on the planet despite their socioeconomic background, how did this slogan come to existence? In The Brand Brief Behind Nike`s Just Do It Campaign, the author describes “a deep brand purpose can be described as the intersection of three circles of influence.”
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Will it be Nike because I want to relate to my favorite Olympic athletes or Adidas during Fifa World Cups, maybe I should just pick what’s trending. Why are they even trending? I think it`s because owning an item with either name brand has been associated with ‘being cool,’ they come with unmentioned social status and to us millennials it holds significant weight with who we identify as. It’s not that I don’t love who I am, in fact it’s because I deeply care about myself that I`ll purchase a name brand. It`ll make me feel good, why does it affect my mood? It taps into my positive emotions and has mastered the art of tapping into this dimension becoming the protagonist of it all; they have a certain uplifting and inspiring
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