Evaluating Operational Efficiency And Effectiveness

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Evaluating operational efficiency and effectiveness and identifying methods to improve performance for subordinates Being involved in schedules and operations in the Law Enforcement department allows me to have a better understanding of the needs when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. The operations need to have enough personnel and have the essential tools to be able to perform the job. By being involved in the day to day operation of the department it gives me the opportunity to learn and understand better what the officers need and by knowing the needs it helps provide new ideas and the supplies to complete the job, and a job well done. Identifying methods to improve performance can be as simple as providing motivation and or giving them an explanation of what is needed and how it can have a positive impact on them and ultimately in the department. Ability to review daily reports while insuring issues are addressed promptly and preparing responses to department issues in a timely manner. Daily reports, such as supervisor reports, and End of Shift are completed and reviewed during the shift for accuracy. This is an important part of the daily operation, as by reviewing the daily supervisor’s report one can know what has been done and what needs to be done and who completed the task. Aside from the daily report, it is the responsibility of the sergeant to verify the daily entries in RaVen for accuracy and to ensure all entries are closed. If there are any open
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