Evaluating Organizational Development Competency

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Evaluating OD Competency Introduction Over the last several years, the issue of organizational development (OD) has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because the business model of firms will play a major role in determining its success. As, globalization and shifts in the economy have created a change in the mindset of executives. To fully understand how this is achieved requires focusing on: OD competency, development in these areas and specific subjects that need further development. Together, these different elements will highlight the effectiveness of organizational development competency models. (Cummings, 2005) Describe your understanding of your own OD competency Organizational development is when there is a focus on improving the ability of an organization to troubleshoot a host of problems. During this process, there is a focus on a number of variables to include: planning, management, structuring, problem solving and developing self renewing capacities. The combination of these factors is designed to provide firms with the tools to effectively address a host of problems. To achieve these larger objectives, a number of areas are focused on by working in conjunction with one another. Tools for Improving OD Competency Training Feedback Normal Approaches Quality of Work Strategic Change Current Practices Final Product and Service (Cummings, 2005) This is showing how there are number of tools that are used to determine how quickly a firm
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