Evaluating Performance Of Commercial Banks

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EVALUATING PERFORMANCE OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN PAKISTAN: “AN APPLICATION OF CAMEL MODEL” Adnan Zaheer MB-F11-200025 Abdul Karim MB-F11-200023 Abdul Basit Ishaq MB-F11-200017 Sohail Ahmed MB-F11-200028 MBA-20A (2011-2014) ARMY PUBLIC COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES (APCOMS) KHADIM HUSSAIN ROAD RAWALPINDI AFFILIATED WITH UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, TAXILA Acknowledgement Essential and foremost, all praises for the Almighty Allah, the generous and benevolent, the maker of the universe, who gave us the strength and courage to finish the work. We invoke peace for Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), the last prophet of Allah who is perpetually a light of direction for mankind as a whole. We need to pass on our deep hearted because of our supervisor, Sir Shoaib Hassan. We feel exceptionally fortunate to have him supervision and persistent support, important recommendations, help and dependably on time feedback make it feasible for us to finish our thesis on time. We also thanks to research and development department (R&D) for their guidance and assistance time by time as required. We obediently recognize the assistance and moral support of our companions who directly and indirectly helped us in finishing of our thesis. At last, it would be difficult to say enough in regards to our dear parents and loved ones who helped, inspired and prayed for us. Table of Contents Sr. No. Particulars Page No List of Acronyms 04
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