Evaluating Qualitative Research In Nursing Care

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The study is readable, and understandable overall, but should spend more time explaining it’s rational for selected tests, in order to facilitate understanding of their interpretation of the data. Given the relative obscurity of the statistical analyses used, and the somewhat tenuous nature of the author’s conclusions, explaining their rationales would be of enormous benefit.
The author’s readily acknowledge the limitations of the study, but do not seem to factor these limitations into their interpretations. In spite of the numerous limitations and failures of process, as well as the repetitive lack of statistical significance, they still conclude that the results are clinically significant, but do not provide a foundation for this conclusion.
They do include recommendations for further research, but imply that the research should be built upon their conclusion, which given the significant flaws in the research, process, would provide a tremulous foundation for further study. The implications for practice which they propose are not warranted by the results of their study, as no
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It is intuitively sound that there is evidence for integration of honey into wound care for nursing practice, but there is not sufficient evidence. Evidence based practice is the cornerstone of nursing care, and I find the author’s recommendations and process to be flippant. The experiment should have been abandoned at numerous points in the process, when the integrity of the process was jeopardized. The most significant recommendation would be to not initiate an experiment without the proper sample size and safeguards against issues which could affect reliability and validity. Lastly, when a process is so obviously flawed, I would not make recommendations for practice, even if the implications make sense intuitively and the benefits of the treatment appear to be
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