Evaluating Risk Tolerance For Strategic Goal Creation

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Ramadan Gannud PM 577 Individual Paper Methods for strategic goal creation and evaluation Why is the evaluating risk tolerance for strategic goal creation important in PPM? 1.0 Introduction: The IT portfolio management process rationalizes an organization’s suite of IT applications to meet its business needs. IT portfolio managers analyze existing applications, current and future projects to identify gaps and risks within an organization’s IT portfolio. Project portfolio management (PPM) ensures that projects have a set of objectives, which when followed brings about the expected results. Therefore, PPM can be used to bring out changes to the organization which will create a flexible structure within the organization in terms of project execution. In this manner, the changes would deal with risks the appropriate way to accomplish the strategic goals for the organization. In today’s fast-paced world of Information technology businesses use information uniquely to utilize the resources in the best way and obtain strategic and obtain important goals. When Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Goals are Clear, Critical Decisions Get Easier. Setting goals is a very important part of life in general and in project portfolio management in particular. For that reason, strategic goals creation and evaluation, avoiding risks are important to build a good portfolio. The strategic goals that have been set up by taking all risks into considerations should be tied clearly to the project

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