Evaluating Ryanair Holdings Plc Funding Strategies From The View Of Shareholder Interests, Dividend Policy, Corporate Governance,

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Ryan air PLC
Ryanair are a multinational Public Limited Company that operate on low cost fares no frills model that is reliable and can operate over many locations. The idea is to make air travel available to the masses safely, punctually and environmentally friendly. “Since Ryanair pioneered its low cost operating model in Europe in the early 1990s, its passenger volumes and scheduled passenger revenues have increased significantly because it has substantially increased capacity and demand has been sufficient to match the increased capacity. Ryanair‘s annual booked passenger volume has grown from approximately 945,000 passengers in the calendar year 1992 to approximately 81.7 million passengers in the 2014 fiscal year”. (Ryainair,2014p4-8)
Aim : the aim of this report is to research and critically evaluate Ryanair holdings Plc Funding strategies from the viewpoint of shareholder interests, dividend policy, corporate governance, financial risks including mitigation policy and the company’s primary object in relation to the theory proposed by Arnold. “The source of a company’s finance can be divided into external and internal finance. By internal finance we mean the final cash which is generated by the company. Where as external is from equity finance or through borrowings (dept finance” (Ammon,F. 2009. P5)
The main external long term sources of finance include equity finance and debt finance. Equity finance is the financing through issues of shares on the stock market
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