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Part 3: Evaluate your presentation Evaluation of one to one presentation The final part of this assessment requires you to evaluate your presentations. Your self- evaluation report should be typed document and include around 500 words. It should address the following questions and be written in plain English: 1. What worked well during the presentation? • Voice: The person who was presenting projected his voice very clearly and professionally. Any words that seem to be complicated and not common to terms that we normally speak were very well explained so that anyone who felt a bit lost could understand the issues and solutions that needed to be described about the presentation • Sufficient materials prepared for the presentation: In…show more content…
There was also a good sense of teaching that was done by the presenter to the audience for any person that had any questions that needed to be answered. The materials that the presenter had that he presented for himself to the audience and the sheets of papers with diagrams that he gave the audience to look at where all done in a very professional manner. There was no evidence to suggest that there was any information that was missing. Any bits of information that seemed a bit complicated were addressed to ensure that all the people who were in attendance understood what was going on. 3. What suggestions for improvement were made, if any? Improvements that were done were small exercises such as 5 minutes to engage with other people in attendance. This brought a feeling of the type of people that people were seated in attendance with. Other small improvements that were done were the humor side of things in the presentation. The presenter had a few jokes that made the audience feel engaged with one another and the presenter speaking 4. Based on the feedback, what aspects of your presentation would you change? I should consider implementing different presentation delivery methods such
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