Essay about Evaluating Societies Culture by Norms, Values, and Laws

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Almost every society participates in a unique culture that cannot be accurately judged without acquiring viewpoints from the individual’s in it. While reading the article India’s Sacred Cow by Marvin Harris (1978) I was able to gain insight about the Hindu people and their reasons for “worshipping” the “sacred cows” (Harris, 1978). According to the textbook Sociology Thirteenth Edition by Richard T. Schaefer, “through cultural realism, or the sincere attempt to understand an individual’s culture from his or her perspective, we might obtain information on how to better ourselves and our society” (Schaefer, 2012). At first, many factors of Hindu culture seemed a little arbitrary compared to American cultures, but after I gained information …show more content…
Although, I do not depend on anything for survival there are things I depend on for my current way of life. For example, I depend on electronic devices to help me in college. If I did not have access to a computer, then I would not do as well. In many cultures, people believe that electronics are not proper for maintaining good grades in school. Another example would be education; in some cultures people believe that it is improper for woman to be educated. There are many values that differentiate societies and their cultures, but none should be ridiculed or hated just because our culture is so different, because the Hindu people would probably find our culture confusing too. In most cultures, people go through a series of as Schafer (2012) states “standard behaviors of society” (Schaefer, 2012). In my high school, there was a student from Togo named Joel and he was eleven, yet considered a freshman in high school because the norm in Togo is to have higher expectations for education. Whenever he did well on an exam he would call his family and tell them and they would send him a gift. In an American Society it would most likely not be considers a norm if a high school level kid received a gift for every academic achievement, but I do not find this odd because it gave him an incentive to do well in school. If prejudices are made against another culture because
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