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Daniel De Jesus

EDA 551

Grand Canyon University

March 23, 2011

ii) Responding to Parent’s Letter
(1) Formal Response 123 Lincoln Ave
Orange, NJ 07050
October 26, 2010
Mrs. Robertson
250 Central Ave
Orange, NJ 07050 Dear Mrs. Robertson:
I write this letter to completely reassure you that we are taking the concerns you brought up with the utmost seriousness that they deserve. As a matter of fact, we have investigated the matter the last couple of days to ascertain the facts and events of what happened in Ms. Paulson’s Computer Technology Class on Monday during the third period. There were 27 students
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Furthermore, considering the letter mentioned the parent going to the media as a result of the incident, it is important to show swift action and resolve in dealing with this issue in an effort to show how both parental concerns and the reputation of our school as an educational institution are seriously addressed and taken into account.
One understands that Ms. Paully Paulson is a non-tenured staff member who has not been around our school for much longer than a year on this type of setting. At the same time, inexperience and lack of familiarity with certain skills and techniques to deal with classroom management cannot be the only issue that needs to be addressed in this incident. The way pictures of a pornographic nature were able to be shown in a classroom setting is a very serious issue that one hopes never has to occur again. Based on the past evaluation of Ms. Paully Paulson, it has been shown that she has had difficulty with classroom management in the past, and the couple of times I have dropped in to check on her work this certainly appears to continue being the case, as oftentimes she was overly focused on individual instruction and some kids were not properly supervised on a consistent basis. I will bring these concerns to her to make sure that Ms. Paulson receives adequate

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