Evaluating The Care Consideration For My Patient With Autism

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For this case study I will evaluate the care consideration for my patient with autism and how their additional needs were met in the X-ray department in order to accommodate the patient. We will consider the care of the service user and the adaptations in order to meet the needs of the patient. Throughout this examination we will look at legislations, policies and National Service Framework (NSF) that will shape the examination in order to provide care during the exam and aftercare of the patient. Following the Data Protection Act 1998 and NHS Code of practice 2003 (NHS England, 2014), it is our legal duty to safeguard patient confidentiality and so for this case study we will comply with the confidentiality policy and so this patient…show more content…
Hypothesis stated that environmental agents exposure to the mother while pregnant may contribute to the childs development of ASD (NIH, 2015). The primary cause of ASD is an idiopathic process and so cannot identify the precise disease mechanism. ASD is a progressive disease and is characteristically diagnosed during early childhood and can persist throughout an individual lifetime needing lifetime specialist support with functional impairment (John Hopkins, 2014). Studies has shown that as an individual diagnosed with ASD grows they have an significantly increased risk of developing medical and psychiatric disorders which is contributed from the biological make-up of the individual (perkins et al, 2012) including dyslipidaemia gastrointestinal problem epilepsy hearing and visual impairments asthma hypertension heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. and autoimmune conditions throughout a varied age group (Croen et al, 2014). Compared to the general population, people diagnosed with ASD has
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