Evaluating The Development Characteristics Of Preschool Children

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For my classroom plan, I chose to discuss a preschool room. I will talk about what I think Piaget’s stage theory is in my words. I will also identify and describe the development characteristics of preschool children. I will create a layout of a preschool classroom, and I will create an activity that goes with each development. Piaget’s stage theory is that children learn in stages (Lefrancois, 2012). Piaget states that children’s learning and growth are gradual. In the pre-school age children have moved pasted the infancy stage and are in beginning the middle part of the preoperational stage (Lefrancois, 2012). In this stage of learning thought is egocentric and dominated by perspective of the child. Children want to do want benefits them the most and are not aware of how this can affect others around them. By the time the children are in preschool at the 3 and 4 years, they do have some concept of this, and have learned how to share, that they can hurt another child’s feelings, and that they need to be safe. The children still need reinforcement and to work on being aware of others by this age, but there is some concept of it. The other stages are the sensorimotor stage from 0-2. In this stage children are relying on their senses and reflexes. They are not aware of higher thought and are rapidly learning physical skills, such as talking, crawling, walking, and do not begin to become aware of wanting for themselves, becoming independent, or others until the second
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